Without Mercy

Author : Miriam Ali and Jana Wain
ISBN No. : 9780751516357

Miriam Ali’s nightmare began on the day in 1980 when she learnt that her two teenage daughters had been sold to ‘husbands’ in Yemen by their father, and would not not be coming home to Birmingham. But it was also the turning point. After too many years of submission, when she had been used as little more than a baby-machine and had suffered two nervous breakdowns, Miriam finally mustered the courage to begin a campaign to rescue Zana and Nadia from the misery and squalor in which they were forced to live.
Without Mercy is the astonishing true story of that struggle.

*An essential companion to Zana’s own story. Sold, Miriam’s account shows all the beauty and ferocity of a mother’s instinct in a searing and anguished battle against an abusive man, an outmoded tradition and an ineffective, indifferent bureaucracy.


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