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Without Mercy

Author : Miriam Ali and Jana Wain
ISBN No. : 9780751516357

Miriam Ali’s nightmare began on the day in 1980 when she learnt that her two teenage daughters had been sold to ‘husbands’ in Yemen by their father, and would not not be coming home to Birmingham. But it was also the turning point. After too many years of submission, when she had been used as little more than a baby-machine and had suffered two nervous breakdowns, Miriam finally mustered the courage to begin a campaign to rescue Zana and Nadia from the misery and squalor in which they were forced to live.
Without Mercy is the astonishing true story of that struggle.

*An essential companion to Zana’s own story. Sold, Miriam’s account shows all the beauty and ferocity of a mother’s instinct in a searing and anguished battle against an abusive man, an outmoded tradition and an ineffective, indifferent bureaucracy.

a Promised to NADIA

Author : Zana Muhsen and Andrew Crofts
ISBN No. : 9780751530551

Ten years ago, Zana Muhsen escaped from her life of slavery in the Yemen into which her father had sold her as a child bride, leaving behind her baby son, her sister Nadia. And Nadia’s two small children. She recounted her harrowing story in SOLD, an instant international bestseller.
Zana made a promise to Nadia not to rest until her sister and the children had also obtained their freedom. But her hopes soon turned into a new nightmare, one where international interest led to the attraction of sharks and con men. The fighting fund created by her book disappeared, but Zana refused to give up her struggle for Nadia and the children.

A promise to Nadia is the answer to the many thousands of letters which Zana has received from readers of SOLD who, unbearably moved by her tale of courage and determination, have all been asking what happened next.


Author : Zana Muhsen and Andrew Crofts
ISBN No. : 0751509515

For fifteen-year-old Zana Muhsen and her younger sister Nadia, born and raised in Birmingham, a six-week holiday with relatives in North Yemen sounded like the trip of a lifetime.
It turned into a living nightmare. On their arrival Zana and her sister discovered that their father had literally sold them into marriage and that they were helpless prisoners. The girls had to adapt to a completely alien way of life, living in primitive stone houses with dung-plastered walls and no running water. They suffered rape, frequent beatings and the terrifying ordeal of childbirth on bare mud floors with only old women attendance.
After eight years of misery and humiliation, Zana escaped!

*I bought it in KLIA airport on March, 23rd 2003. The title attracted me.. SOLD.. nice cover (I always judge book by its cover.. do accept my apologies!) It cost RM42.30 but I gain more than that.It is really worth it!! I managed to finish reading it in a…

The best

The best is never over,
The best is never gone,
There is always something lovely,
To keep you struggling and never feel lonely...

There is a compensation,
For every love within your option,
A secret consolation,
Is hidden somewhere,
Ends are new begining,
As one day to see,
The best is never over,
It is inside to be kept forever,
The best is yet to be,
And forever it will always be...

Mimpi itu...

Termangu aku pagi tadi, cuba mengingat-ingat...
'mimpi apa aku semalam ya??'
emm semuanya kabur! semuanya blurr!
Perasaan itu.. bagaikan melalui satu malam yang sangat panjang.. bagaikan didongengkan kisah dalam 1001 malam. Banyak sangat mimpi antara mimpi, dengan pelbagai watak pada letak, penuh dengan onak rasa semput bikin serabut...
Pantas meraba telefon bimbit.. mengabdi ilham bait demi bait .. pada subuh yang masih berkait..

yang itu bawa daku pergi,
walau gusar langkah digagahi,
melewati relung hina lagi berduri,
menerjah kabut gelap nan sepi,
hanyut didesir angin berdebu,
kala unggas jadi seteru,
kudrat sekerat nian gebu,
meraih sisa kalbu yang beku,

yang ini bawa aku ke mari,
walau tak seindah syair si pari-pari,
berkah kasih utusan bidadari,
buat si pemimpi yang jerlus dinihari,
kejutkan dia dari lena itu,
ke alam nyata yang satu,
agar derapnya jauh berbatu,
melakar pelangi tak berkematu..

*Hasil nukilan orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal, pastikan 'set alarm' ya…

Ini kan tugas lagi hakiki!

Sesampai saja ia menyapa lagi,
Senyum sekilas dia menyeringai,
Sinis dia bergumam ‘releks awal lagi.. pagi lagi’
Si ia menggeleng ‘hmm.. perangai!’

Ofis sejuk sedang terik mentari,
Oh.. ia mula mengusik ‘hai bila lagi ni’
Ofis kian dingin ‘keluar jap lagi ni’
Oh.. kalau begitu mari menari

Akhirnya dia menyepi… lesap
Alkisahnya ia turut mengulit… perap
Antara lambat atau sekejap
Apabila ia dan dia malap

Dia muncul datang kembali
Dek semangat si rajawali
Dia menyapa tangkas sekali
Dengan riang bersiul lali

Ia menjeling sakan mencari
Itu ini musykil diselidiki
Ingin berang dia dah lari
Ini kan tugas lagi hakiki!

P.s: Sekadar luahan tanpa bicara, adakalanya tanpa sedar kita mengeluh.. tidak kurang juga memaki, bebanan tugas yang tidak kunjung habisnya! mungkin tiba masanya kita suka 'ia'. Sekadar perkongsian...

33 things about me

1. Do you always answer your phone?
- yes or no.. no= klu no yg x familiar..

2. If you could change your eye color what would it be?
- I dun want to!

3. Do you own a digital camera?
- yup.. d HP sy .. bleh??

4. Favorite Christmas song(s):
- silent night.. holy night..

8. What's on your wish list for your birthday?
- to be a millionaire - dgn hope dpt bantu org yg perlu bantuan..

9. Can you do push ups?
- sure I do.. - tp sikit2 ja

10. Can you do a chin up?
- huh?? - cmana tu?

11. Does the future make you more nervous or excited?
- both!- X sabar sy mau tgk anak bjaya.. takut pla sbaliknya..

12. Do you have any saved texts?
- antah..

13. Do you have an accent?
- a few.. tp plg campin sabahan's accent la ;)

14. What is the last song to make you cry?
- there you'll be- silaka btul! tnangis sy... sb tu movie Pearl harbour ada kena dgn my past.. sobb..

15. Plans tonight?
- around with my kids- ajar diorg menari 'chicken dance'

16. Name 3 things you bought yesterday?
- Pan cake, toys and vegetab…