Do you like to cook?

Credit to the sexy chef!

I began to like cooking during my wife confinement. I'm kind a person who try to avoiding kitchen but now I advise people :Do Stop avoiding the kitchen! People, it doesn't have to be this way. There are so many people that never attempted to cook, let alone boil water. Cooking is a great form of art and very therapeutic. It is easy to cook and one can truly enjoy the joys of cooking.

  1. Scope out magazines and cookbooks. Find a recipe that appeals to you. It doesn't have to be elegant or top of the line, start with chilis, soups, and stews. Keep it simple.

  2. Once you find your recipe, go food shopping. Enjoy the smell of foods and the feel of fruits and vegetables. Take the time to find what you need and be creative. Try to buy fresh vegetables, chicken or beef stock, fresh garlic, and fresh herbs.

  3. When starting your meal, play soft music. Try listening to Kenny G, Mozart or listen to what you find relaxing and soothing. Light a candle near your working area, pour a glass of your favorite drinks, and enjoy the comfort of your home.

  4. Depending on your recipe, chop your herbs and vegetables first. Follow your recipe and work on each step slowly. Take your time and don't get nervous. We all make mistakes and you must remember that it is just food. Always cook on a medium to low heat...never cook your food on a high flame. Enjoy the work of cooking, be proud of your creation and share your dish with others.

  5. When you taste your creation for the first time, you will learn how to make your own recipes. Once you get used to the tools of cooking - everything else will come easy. Save the recipes that you like and overtime dock it up. Change it around a bit, add your own personal touch.

Soon you will be an amazing chef!


Anonymous said…
Sy mmg suke memasak... sgt2 suka.. tp masa yg x suka sy memasak.. sbb sy dh x de m asa.. haha.. boleh sy rasa nnti kamu punya masakan..=)

Dr F
Adie Achim said…
Dr F:
Haha.. sory doc tak prasan komen nie.. huh! nak rasa masakan saya, bleh nnt kita aturkan.

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